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Google Updates

In the realm of online advertising, frequent and significant changes are the norm. As we look ahead to the remainder of 2023, let's ready your online business for the new changes to Google Ads.

To get you ready, we've crafted a user-friendly manual detailing the noteworthy modifications in Google Ads that your company should brace for.

  • Commencing May 1, 2023, Google Ads will cease generating similar audiences (also known as "similar segments"). If your ongoing campaigns employ similar segments, these will persist until August 1, 2023. Subsequent to August 1, similar segments will be eliminated from all ad groups and campaigns. (Further particulars can be found in the following section.)

The rationale behind this change lies in Google's commitment to privacy. Google is relying more on automated solutions like optimized targeting, audience expansion, and smart bidding.

  • Up next, Expanded Ads are now obsolete. Their deprecation began in 2022 and was succeeded by Responsive Ads. These Responsive Ads employ a blend of headlines and descriptions to deliver ads that are more likely to yield conversions.

  • Another update pertains to the "Remove Redundant Keywords" recommendation. In the past, Google only provided suggestions for keyword edits within the same ad group, destination, bidding strategy, and match type. However, Google has expanded these recommendations to include keywords of differing match types.

The motive behind this adjustment is that redundant keywords are similar to high-performing or broad match keywords. Their elimination or consolidation across match types simplifies account management. This adjustment does not adversely affect performance and still ensures that your ads appear for relevant searches.

Staying well-informed about Google Ads changes can help improve the efficiency of your paid campaigns . To further discuss your digital marketing strategy, feel free to get in touch with us . Our team of experts is ready to tackle any Google challenge!

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